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Project Title:
Establishment of NRDMS Database Centre in Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu.

Thematic Area:
Natural, Physical & Human Resources

Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu 
Latitude: 9o 51 30 -- 10o 48 08 North 
Longitude: 78o 25 40 -- 79o 16 22 East 
Vellar and Koraiar watersheds

To create computerised information system on natural, physical and human resources for Pudukkottai district
To create easy information retrieval system by the planners for quick decision making
To train the user departments personnel for using the data for day today studies/planning, updation and to provide solutions.

Generation of various computerised basic thematic maps on land and water resources and environment
Generation of computerised action plan maps on specific themes on natural resources and environment
Creation of computerised information on physical resources / facilities.
Creation of computerised information on human resources
Creation of easy query based information retrieval system for the planners for quick decision making
Training of users.

Two model blocks (Viralimalai & Annavasal) were taken and basic thematic and action plan maps were generated.
Computerized information is being created on physical and human resources
Model query based information retrieval system has been created with following modules:
Module-I Simple display of maps
Module-II User defined classification
Module-III Display of specific themes
Module-IV Listing of specific data.

In the display of specific information system, in addition to the retrieval of basic and action plan maps, very innovative components were added. For example, socially backward villages, economically backward villages, infrastructurally backward villages and amenity wise backward villages can be quickly retrieved.

In addition to such display of backwardness in villages, it will also display the causative factors for the backwardness of the villages, which will be a boon for the planners.

Data Used:
IRS 1D FCC images
Survey of India Topographic sheets
Geological Survey of India map
Soil Survey and Landuse Organisation maps
Geophysical, Hydro-geological and Geochemical data from Public Works Department
Physical and Human Resources data (on sectoral basis) from Pudukkottai Collectorate / line departments.

All natural resources, environment and action plan maps
Groundwater Prospect maps of Annavasal and Viralimalai blocks
Certain new concepts on socioeconomic databases.(Figure1)

Date of project completion:
17.03.2005 (Expected)

Total cost of Project:
Rs. 21.72 lakhs

Project Investigator:
Prof. S. M. Ramasamy 
Director and Head

Centre for Remote Sensing:
Bharathidasan University 
Tiruchirappalli - 620 023 
Email: smrbard[at]hotmail[dot]com
Phone: 0431-2420667