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Local area planning is a complex and information intensive task as the various sectoral and spatial inter-dependencies and inter-relationships play a vital role. In order to resolve the conflicting interests and appreciate the inter-dependencies and implement holistic development of the area, there is a need to adopt an integrated approach to the developmental strategy. The first step in implementing such a plan is the availability of data/information of all the sectors on a common database so that it is accessible to all the user agencies for analysis and scenario generation.

Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS), launched by the Department of Science and Technology is one such National initiative aimed at developing and inducting such databased approach to planning. The aid from UNDP further helped in building up the required scientific and technological inputs into the programme. This paper recollects the activities that were carried out in building the integrated database at the district level data centres.

Thematic maps in NRDMS database

(1:250,000 and 1:50,000) 

* Topography
* Geology * Soil
* Geo Morpholoty * Road & settlement
* Mineral resources * Drainage
* Landuse & landcover * Water bodies
* Wasteland  * Hydro geomorphology
* Forest & wild life * Administrative boundary

Themes for attribute data 

*Groundwater (quality, depth to water table) 
*Climate (pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall) 
*Demography (population, literacy & levels of education, occupation) 
*Socioeconomic (industry, developmental activity) 
*Agro-economy (land utilisation, land ownership pattern, area under principal crops, irrigation, agricultural implements, animal husbandry) 
*Intra structure (communication, drinking water, educational facility, electricity, financial institutions, markets, medical facilities & public health, transport, veterinary services, recreation & tourism)