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Project Title:
Water Resources Management In Watershed Decision Support System Phase I

Thematic Area:
GIS based Watershed Management

* Rampatnam watershed in Kolar, Karnataka
* Gandheshwari subbasin in Bankura, West Bengal

* To perform requirement analysis to identify the users needs with respect to the water resources management aspects of the watershed management
* To conceive a GIS based water resource management segment (in the form of a simulation model) to be fitted in a Generic Watershed Management Decision Support System (WMDSS)
* To formulate the simulation model and implement on some of the experimental watersheds on pilot basis.
* To disseminate the software to the end-users and obtain feedback.

The Development objective of the project was to improve sustainability of development by adopting integrated area approach to rural development planning with a view to improving the lives of the target population through a spatial decision support system on a GIS platform and with a hydrological model (SWAT). The application was developed to help the end-user in integrated watershed management approach, concentrating on water resources management aspects.

Data Used:
* Spatial data: DEM, Landuse, Soil layers, Weather station Location, Village and district boundaries
* Non Spatial data: Daily rainfall, maximum minimum temperature, RH, Solar  Radiation, Soil and Crop related parameters, socio economic data

A GIS interface on GRAM++ has been developed using a very comprehensive water balance model namely SWAT model

* SWAT - GRAM Interface
* Soil Parameter Generator
* WMDSS Package generalized watershed database management package to create, edit and query watershed related data was developed. The following figure depicts composite view of some segments of the application (Figure1).
* IMD Data Conversion Application A facilitator to convert IMD raw data to processed data ready for use with Weather generator and other models
* A typical screen shot of the Application is shown here (Figure2).

Date of Project Completion:
December 1998

Total Cost of the Project:
Rs. 14.5 lakhs

Project Investigator:
Dr. A.K. Gosain,
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016, India
Tel: (91) (011) 2659 1186 (O), (91) (011) 2659 1866 (R)
Fax: (91) (011) 2658 1117
Email: gosain[at]civil[dot]iitd[dot]ernet[dot]in