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These are the following projects, which are sponsored by NRDMS:

Land system approach to quantitative assessment of resources:

While developing a resource database of an area, it is considered desirable to take into account the local physiographic characteristics so as to ensure drawing up planning strategies to suit the local conditions and needs. In order to develop such a database for the Upper Kalu river basin (15,000 sq. kms.) located in Thane district (Maharashtra), the area was classified on a geomorphological basis following the well known land system approach into a set of four land systems and twenty three land units. These homogeneous and recurring land patterns were identified by visual interpretation of the Landsat, IRS-1A and SPOT imageries.

The current focus under NRDMS is on technological and institutional capacity building in a multi-level framework below the District level, so that people can plan their own development utilizing the local resources. In this respect NRDMS provides tools and techniques for assessing local level natural resources endowment, their utilization potential and generating alternative scenarios for development. NRDMS operates through District database centers as its hubs. Figure.1 gives the locations where NRDMS projects are in progress. 45 Pilot district centers are located in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Haryana, Gujarat and North East Region. The goal is to develop a system of data sharing, data access and data use for solving locale -specific problems.

Through the programme, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India is aiming to provide scientific and technological inputs in the development planning process of the country from below ensuring ground reality that would improve the current situation of planning and ultimately the life of the people. 



Water table fluctuation of Upper Kalu river basin (Contour interval 1m) :

A detail dquantitative survey of the resources of each unit was undertaken to develop a database for the basin on slope, landuse/landcover, drainage density & frequency, lineament density and pattern, soil texture and ground water fluctuation. (Research agency:IIT, Bombay).