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Ontology Based Framework for Integration of Spatial Data

Spatial data sets are produced by different organizations using different data models and standards. Experiences indicate that different organizations, in their data models, at times use different feature names with the same meaning or the same feature name with different meanings or different classification hierarchies. Automated integration of spatial data sets from different organizations is thus a challenging task. Such differences in the meaning of the spatial data - called semantic heterogeneities - are resolved by creating ontologies (ontology is 'an explicit specification of a shared conceptualization') from the available meta-data and establishing a knowledge-based mapping between them. A framework for resolving semantic heterogeneities in spatial data has been developed and demonstrated by Deptt. Of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Bombay in the Project "Ontology based Framework for the integration of Geographic Information" supported under NRDMS to ensure semantic interoperability and facilitate integration of spatial data. Semantic interoperability in spatial data sets will lead towards establishing an intelligent geo-semantic web capable of supporting quicker access, discovery, and integration of desired information.

For Details, Please See www.cse.iitb.ac.in/FIGO/tool/