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Panchayat level resource mapping with people’s participation

A novel approach of involving local people in the task of preparing panchayat level resource maps was attempted on an experimental basis in 25 panchayats of Kerala. A spatial resource profile consisting of 1:12,500 scale thematic maps on relief, landform, surface material, water availability, administrative boundaries and 1:4,000 scale maps (cadastral base) on landuse and assets was prepared for the panchayats. The volunteers were trained by the local scientific bodies and institutions to survey the landuse and assets. Environmental appraisal maps were prepared by integrating the maps on landform, surface material, unitwise slope, water availability and the existing landuse pattern. A landuse plan was recommended along with the essential conservational requirements and restrictions on various uses to arrest further degradation of the local resources. Based on the resource profile, an action plan for Kalliasseri panchayat was drawn up. Agencies like integrated Rural Technology Centre, Kerala State Landuse Board and Kerala Shastra Sahitya Parishat participated in this effort. (Research Agency : CESS, Thiruvananthapuram).

Panchayats Mapped

Mayyil Ollukkara Keezhmad
Atholi Onchiyam Kuttiyathoor 
Nanniyodo Clappana  Madakathara
Ayayad Kalliasseri Pallassana
Panniyanoor Akathethara Pallipuram
Panechery Poothadi Puthuperiyaram
Udumbannur  Mezhuveli Velloor
Mundoor Vengoor Uduma