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National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)

The main activities of NSDI:
  1. National infrastructure for the availability of and access to organized spatial data.

  2. Use of the infrastructure at community, local, state, regional and national levels for sustained economic growth.   

Website: http://nsdiindia.gov.in

Survey of India

Survey of India, The National Survey and Mapping Organization of the country under the Department of Science & Technology, is the oldest scientific department of the Govt. Of India. It was set up in 1767 and has evolved rich traditions over the years.In its assigned role as the Nation's principal mapping agency, Survey of India bears a special responsibility to ensure that the country's domain is explored and mapped suitably to provide base maps for expeditious and integrated development and ensure that all resources contribute their full measure to the progress, prosperity and security of our country now and for generations to come.

Website: www.surveyofindia.gov.in

National Atlas and Thematic Mapping (NATMO)

The main activities of NATMO:

  1. Compilation of the National Atlas of India

  2. Preparation of the National Atlas maps in regional languages.

  3. Preparation of thematic maps based on research studies on environmental and associated aspects and their impact on social and economic development

  4. Any other work entrusted by the Central Government or its agencies to NATMO

  5. Installation of automated Mapping System for increasing speed and efficiency in mapping

  6. Geographical Researches

Website: www.natmo.gov.in

Map India

  1. Map India 2004 is the 7th Annual International Conference and Exhibition in the field of geographic information technologies like GIS, GPS, Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing.

  2. Responding to the needs of the industry, the research community and every individual's right to Geospatial information, this year again, Map India aims to provide a platform for the convergence, sharing and use of technologies and experiences in the Geospatial domain.

  3. Map India 2004 remains dedicated to the mission of fostering the use and spread of Geospatial content among communities.

GIS Development Network

GIS Development Pvt. Ltd. aims to promote and propagate usage of GIS and related technologies in various areas of development. It assists community and government in developing their capabilities, and policies and facilitate knowledge transfer to community to strengthen the productivity and management capabilities to maximize the benefits of GIS for the society at large.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

CSRE is one of the Centres at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Since its inception in 1976, the Centre has been actively involved in developing Remote Sensing technology and its application to natural resources management and Environmental monitoring. The Centre has also done pioneering work in the area of Low Cost Geographical Information System (GIS) GRAM++ development in the country. Activities are here under:

  1. Sponsored Research
  2. Consultancy Projects
  3. Continuing Education Program
  4. U.G. and P.G. Student Guidance
  5. Indian Remote Sensing Satellites
  6. ISRO-IITB Space Technology Cell
  7. Some useful Remote Sensing Links
  8. Other stuff (rate contract, software in ftp, etc.)

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Build on the glorious traditions of the past 150 years of service to the nation and pursue the goal of remaining one of the leading centers of teaching, research and extension in Engineering and Technology through total commitment to excellence in every endeavor. Preserve the tradition of instilling in our students with the strength of character, self-confidence, and leadership in engineering management.

Website: www.rurkiu.ernet.in

Location Based Services for Emergency Management

The Objective of this site is to build a large scale Spatial Information system for road networks, Hospitals, Clinics and other health related services of Chennai city and dessiminate the information through web.

Website: www.chennaihospitals.com


US Geographical

  1. Vision: USGS is a world leader in the natural sciences through our scientific excellence and responsiveness to society’s needs.

  2. Mission: The USGS serves the Nation by providing reliable scientific information to · describe and understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters; manage water, biological, energy, and mineral resources; and enhance and protect our quality of life.

  3. Strategic Direction:Combine and enhance USGS' diverse programs, capabilities, and talents and increase customer involvement to strengthen our scientific leadership and contribution to the resolution of complex issues.  
Website: www.usgs.gov

Federal Geographic

The Federal Geographic Data Committee is a 19 member interagency committee composed of representatives from the Executive Office of the President, Cabinet-level and independent agencies. The FGDC is developing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in cooperation with organizations from State, local and tribal governments, the academic community, and the private sector. The NSDI encompasses policies, standards, and procedures for organizations to cooperatively produce andshare geographic data.   

Website: http://fgdc.gov

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Global Spatial Data Infrastructure supports ready global access to geographic information. This is achieved through the coordinated actions of nations and organizations that promote awareness and implementation of complimentary policies, common standards and effective mechanisms for the development and availability of interoperable digital geographic data and technologies to support decision making at all scales for multiple purposes. These actions encompass the policies, organizational remits, data, technologies, standards, delivery mechanisms, and financial and human resources necessary to ensure that those working at the global and regional scale are not impeded in meeting their objectives   

Website: http://gsdi.org

International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

The foremost international institute for knowledge exchange in geo-information science and earth observationThe International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, established in 1950 under the name International Training Centre for Aerial Survey (hence ITC), is an autonomous organisation operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Minister for Development Cooperation of the Netherlands and closely linked to Twente University. It is the oldest and largest international higher education institute in the Netherlands, and seeks to promote the sound application of geo-information technology through programmes of research, education and project services.   

Website: www.itc.nl

Natural Resources, Canada

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) plays a pivotal role in helping shape the important contributions of the natural resources sector to the Canadian economy, society and environment. This sector - forests, energy, minerals and metals, and landmass, as well as related industries - is one of the most productive, high-tech sectors in the global economy.