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Coastal Resource Management And Conservation 

The coastal zone the transition between the land and the sea, is one of the most fragile, complex and a productive ecosystem. It is bestowed with enormous resources, both - living, non-living and is a potential area for recreation and harnessing non-conventional energy resources (wave and wind energy). This is the zone of dynamic activity, constantly transforming itself to maintain equilibrium, under the varying intensity of the natural processes operating here Coastal zone is a region of diverse activity, both complementary and conflicting to each other. Accelerated and unscientific developmental activities have induced catastrophic consequences. In order to optimally utilise & reap the benefits, without hampering the fragile balance, it is necessary to adopt integrated coastal management strategies based on solid scientific foundation that allow for multiple use of the resources without causing serious damage to the environment.

Some of the major issues that requires to be addressed are:
Assessment of renewable and non-renewable resource potential.
* Assessment of coastal stability - measures of stabilization.
* Assessment of tourism potential, carrying capacity of the environment and plan for    infrastructure development. Assessment of energy generation potential - Wave and    wind energy.
* Assessment of vulnerability of the coast to - cyclones, floods, typhoons etc. and    contingency planning.
* Assessment of impact of human activity on the coast & control measures.