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Project Title:
User Need Assessment - Systems study of Information flow in Kolar district

Thematic Area:
Database Development

Kolar District, Karnataka

To study and document the existing data collection systems, i.e., data collected veracity checks and data flow analysis and use of data on natural resource and Socio-economic parameters at the district level. This would be done in Kolar District of Karnataka.
To establish the procedures to collect the data at the district levels on natural resource and Socio-economic parameters in such a way that reliability, accuracy and immediacy of data from district sources get enhanced.

The DST (Department of Science & Technology) in collaboration with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) launched a project to disseminate the GIS tools for development planning in the District. Kolar was chosen as a district where these applications would be demonstrated. On the request of DST, the major focus of the project was shifted to study the user needs. User need assessment was given the top priority. The scope of the study was widened to incorporate the study of User Need Assessment.
At the beginning of this project, focus of the project was on study of information flow in Kolar District. Thus focus was on study of mechanisms for data collection, data processing, decision making, and identification of ways of bridging gaps between existing and desirable data gathering mechanisms.
The widened scope of this project included carrying out a Need Assessment survey in Kolar District to establish activities in various plan schemes, a GIS (Geographic Information System) database and tools as applied to the sectors of Water, Public Distribution, Energy, Social Infrastructure and Landuse Planning.
Methodology - Comprehensive Master Data List, Metadata, and Data-Gap Matrix

As a part of this effort TIDE is carrying out a study with the following specific objectives.
To identify existing mechanisms for data collection at district, taluka and village levels.
To assess the accuracy of data collected and to generate a report detailing source of data, data definition, likely accuracy, timeliness and updating frequency.
To generate a data requirement report if new software tools need to be used at the district level.
To identify the gaps between existing and desirable data gathering mechanism and to suggest ways to bridge the gap.

The methodology included a detailed systems study of current practices of collection, collation, transmission and analysis of data. Adopting two approaches, Part I based on study of the four themes and Part II of the study focusing on organizations did this.
Under this study copies of all forms which are being used for data collection in the district were collected. Interviewing officials responsible for data collection and a study of the data analysis procedure resulted in a status report on the existing data collection and analysis systems prevalent at district level. Using insights gained from the study, improved procedures for data collection were defined.

Detailed project Report containing
Activities of the department and the schemes implemented by the department
Brief description of schemes implemented by the department
Chronological order in which selected scheme is planned and implemented (optional)
Existing procedure for the scheme
About the scheme (optional)
Activity description
Schematic output of table, report & map, if any
Recommended procedure for the scheme
Activity description
Schematic output of table, report & map, if any
Master data list of all elements used in existing or recommended procedure

Date of project completion: 
31 March, 1999

Total Cost of Project:
Rs. 6, 00, 000.00

Project Investigator:
Dr. S. Rajagopalan, Chairman
Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE)
#19, 9th cross, 6th main,
Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560 003.
Phone: 91-80-3315656 / 3462032 
Fax: 91-80-3344555 
E-Mail: tide[at]vsnl[dot]com
Web site: www.tide-india.org