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Web-Based Village Information System

Under the 11th Schedule of the Constitution, twenty-nine sectors have been earmarked for preparation of local level development plans by the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs). One of the major bottlenecks to this information-intensive task is PRIs' inaccessibility to relevant village level spatial data (maps) and attribute (textual) information. In order to demonstrate the utility of emerging Geo-information & Communication Technologies (Geo-ICT) in providing access to such information, a prototype of a web-based village information system has been developed for the villages of Uttarakhand. Capable of sharing village level information on natural resources, demography, and infrastructure from a central server, the prototype helps depict textual data sets from Census in the form of thematic maps as per the needs of the end-user. Developed by the People's Science Institute (PSI) - a Dehradun-based Non-Governmental Organisation, the prototype permits a quick grasp of implications of possible interventions in terms of spatial variations. The methodology used in the prototype is potentially helpful in supporting provision of e-government services at districts, blocks or panchayats.

For more details, please visit www.villageinformationsystem.org